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Accomplished, Effective Intellectual Property Professionals

Assisting clients around the world, the attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., are passionate about delivering the highest level of service to clients seeking intellectual property law advice. We represent clients in an array of intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust concerns, infringement/non-infringement analysis, licensing and agreements

Running a business, whether large or small, can be a challenge. When intellectual property issues arise, it can be a costly distraction and throw your operations into a tailspin, keeping you from successfully managing the business. When your intellectual property rights are threatened or need to be protected against the competition, turn to the committed and capable attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C.

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A Long History Of Excellent Service

The attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., are committed to personalized service for each client, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses and individuals. Our clients are treated with care and attention, along with a legal strategy personalized to their case.

Our attorneys have worked in the industries they now provide legal assistance to, deepening their knowledge and skills. Our attorneys also hold engineering and science degrees, including graduate degrees in engineering.

In addition to the deep knowledge and experience of our attorneys, we tap into our network of foreign experts and legal counsel around the world who are just as talented and knowledgeable with the law and technology. We utilize this network to enforce and protect our clients’ rights outside the U.S.A., wherever they might do business now or want to do business in the future. You should be running your business, not bogged down by challenges and legal disputes.

Learn More About The Firm

When your intellectual property rights need protection or are threatened, it is important to turn to a team with the experience and knowledge necessary to defend them. Whether you are a small startup or a global enterprise, we can tailor our services to your needs. You can expect a capable and cost-effective legal strategy from the attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C. To set up a consultation with us today, call 281-480-2700 or use our online contact form.