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Skilled Guidance During The Patent Process

Acquiring and protecting patents is of paramount importance for businesses and individuals. Going through the patent process can mean the difference between enjoying the fruits of your ingenuity or losing rights to the invention and seeing others benefit from your hard work.

The patent attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., hold graduate engineering degrees, giving them the deep, real-world knowledge and experience to effectively manage the patent process. They are ready to assist you with:

  • Patent preparation and prosecution
  • Reexamination and re-issue
  • Infringement and validity analysis
  • Licensing and agreements
  • Cease and desist orders

Work with our skilled intellectual property attorneys to maximize your chances of patent approval and get back to running your business.

The Importance Of Working With A Patent Attorney

An inventor does not receive patent protection automatically after devising an invention. An inventor must apply for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and pay a fee. It is important to work with an attorney before filing to develop a strategic and thorough application.

Our attorneys are committed to protecting your inventions. They will stand by you to safeguard and enforce your ingenuity.

The Trusted Help You Need

The attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., are committed to providing specialized service for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and large organizations. Each client, no matter the size of their business, can count on receiving the personal attention they deserve. To begin protecting your patent rights, set up a consultation with Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., by calling 281-480-2700 today or use our online contact form.