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Providing A Range Of Intellectual Property Law Services

Your business assets do not just include land, buildings, inventory and equipment, they also include the intangible things, like ideas, inventions, concepts, business methods, trade secrets, and goodwill, that you create and perfect over time. With ever-changing laws and business practices, it is vital to protect and enforce your rights to these types of intellectual property. The attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., are committed to helping you and your business safeguard your property and continue to thrive against the competition.

Our attorneys provide full-service assistance in a range of intellectual property issues.

Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., provides these services to a variety of clients from Fortune 100 companies to medium and small businesses and individuals. We focus exclusively on intellectual property law and are well-versed in its intricacies and constant changes.

Tailoring Every Strategy To Your Needs

Each client can expect to receive a uniquely tailored strategy that addresses specific budgets and goals. No matter the size of your company, our attorneys provide the customized service you deserve. We will study your business, products and technologies in order to develop custom and targeted legal strategies.

Our attorneys possess the expertise to work with a wide range of industries and technologies. We can efficiently and effectively provide representation to an array of industries and quickly become well-versed in new technologies.

Learn More By Speaking With A Lawyer

Protecting your intellectual property is just as important as protecting physical property. With ever-changing technologies and business practices, intellectual property is constantly under assault around the world. The attorneys at Edmonds & Cmaidalka, P.C., are committed to defending these important rights. To set up a consultation and learn more, call 281-480-2700 or use our online contact form.